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In the current uncertain economic climate entrepreneurs and business owners require more than record keepers, they need strategic partners. Allow Brooklyn Tax to be your secret weapon for success. We provide complete small business accounting services offered to you in customized packages based upon your wants and needs. 


Your Business

A successful business will usually grow in spurts. If a business hasn't built in the flexibility to allow for growth, it can fail. BrooklynTax will help you add in the flexibility needed to handle sudden and unexpected growth opportunities. In addition, we specialize in building up your business credit ratings in less than half the time of the industry standards. 


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Many tax practices use an assembly line of data enterers that give little thought to asset protection and tax reduction strategies. At BrooklynTax we take our time and find every way possible to lower your tax bill while also furthering your unique goals and legal protections. Whether business or personal, tax preparation needs to be a component in an overall cohesive strategy.


Your Tax 

The IRS and State Depts of Revenue are attempting to balance their budgets on the backs of taxpayers. Don't get bullied by the Tax Man. BrooklynTax will fight for you to resolve your tax problems. From in person audit representation, to financial disclosures required for resolutions, we have the experience nedded to solve your tax problems.

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